The cover of " Stories From The Influencers Next Door"

Influencers: They’re in your feed and now, they’re on your coffee table.

An upcoming book from Amber Venz Box, cofounder of RewardStyle and influencer-beloved shopping app, spotlights the stories of nearly 100 influencers from RewardStyle’s network of 30,000. In Q&A format, the influencers share tidbits on what they were doing before they started influencing, what inspired them to become influencers and the advice they wish they could tell their “nascent influencer” selves.

Retailing for $34.99 on Amazon, the book, “ Stories From the Influencers Next Door,” features interviews with the likes of Sarah Tripp (@sassyredlipstick), Jessica Wang (@notjessfashion), Monica Awe-Etuk (@awedbymoni), Kendall Kremer (@styledsnapshots) and actress-slash-model-turned-influencer Molly Sims (@mollybsims). And if the notion of an influencer coffee table book wasn’t Millennial enough, the tome comes in a gray hue that will pair nicely with your Ikea furniture, your Diptyque candle and your succulents.

Venz Box said the book comes after years spent traveling around the world and meeting with content creators in their hometowns at their favorite restaurants and coffee shops.

“I can look at a given influencer and know what wallpaper’s in her kitchen, what she likes to eat and where she’s gone on vacation with her family,” Venz Box said. “A lot of times you don’t see that very human part of the influencer journey that I’ve gotten to experience just from meeting them over these last seven years. It’s not something they talk about on a daily basis, but I find it to be very encouraging no matter what kind of line of business you’re in. All these influencers had the guts to launch and the grit to keep going.”

Influencers, it seems, are changing their medium, translating their blogger knowhow to make a mark on print. But before you declare digital dead, take note: There is an official hashtag.

Starting this week, RewardStyle’s influencer network will begin sharing their stories online under #FollowMyStory.

“While we are limited by the print page and what can fit on your coffee table with these 100 stories over so many different types of influencers, it’s inspiring to follow along digitally as well,” Venz Box said.

From your phone to your personal library, influencers have all bases covered.

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