INITIALS STORY: Recipients of the latest J. Crew Style Guide, as the retailer likes to call its catalogue, will see something new in its pages this weekend: the first-ever editorial feature from an outside contributor. Writer Glenn O’Brien has penned an ode to the monogram, spread over two pages of the February Style Guide. J. Crew, of course, offers a monogram service for a wide range of products, from shirts to wallets to iPhone cases. Readers of the essay will discover there are 17,576 possible three-letter monograms in the English language — meaning your own is pretty exclusive. However, O’Brien points out that Elvis Presley, apparently not content with EAP, used the monogram TCB, for “Taking Care of Business.” O’Brien, who is writing a second piece for J. Crew’s Web site in March, likes AHA for himself.

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