Instagram Anti Bullying Features

Instagram is rolling out two new features in its effort to stop bullying.

Facebook chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, helped reveal the social media platform’s two new features on Monday that work to end bullying on Instagram. The first is a “restrict” option, which makes it so that only the user and the restricted account will be able to see each other’s comments, unless the initial user approves the comment for public viewing. The second feature is “comment warning,” which alerts users before posting when their comments may be considered offensive.

“Young people tell us they’re hesitant to block, unfollow or report bullies because it could make their situation worse,” Sandberg wrote. In the post, Sandberg states that tests of both features show that they encourage Instagram users to undo their offensive comments.

These features continue the measures the social media platform has already taken to end bullying. Users currently have the option to restrict comments shown on their posts and are able to flag comments they deem offensive.

The news comes after Instagram announced in April that it was experimenting with hiding like counts on users’ posts. Instagram also revealed last month that it will be adding advertisements to its Explore page.

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