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Is fashion funny? Well, sometimes it can be, according to Sidney Prawatyotin, founder of one of the industry’s most buzzworthy Instagram accounts, @siduations.

His feed, he said,  is a paean to the world of fashion, with models in runway looks amusingly Photoshopped into unlikely scenarios. (Think: a Space-Age Chanel look Photoshopped into a scene from “Star Wars.”)

Before launching his feed a year ago, Prawatyotin, a native New Yorker, had worked in various segments of the industry. In the Nineties, he cofounded the label United Bamboo and in the early Aughts, he worked as a public relations executive, planning New York Fashion Week shows and the like. But it was only after Prawatyotin moved to Los Angeles in 2015 that he began honing his Photoshopping skills because he was a bit lonely on the West Coast.

“I’ve always dabbled in Photoshop, so when I moved out here, I began making images to send to friends in New York as a way of saying ‘hello,'” he said. “I just looked at Phil Oh’s pics and looked at friends that he photographed and put myself into the photo.”

The response was so positive that Prawatyotin created the Instagram account to share his visual musings with the world. Now Prawatyotin, who is followed by the likes of Tommy Ton, Mel Ottenberg and Laura Kim, is working with media companies and fashion brands using his point of view and style.

And while there are times when his posts can be a bit political or veer into sensitive territory, such as with the recent post of a classroom of children being led by a Balenciaga-clad teacher, Prawatyotin wants to assure his fan base that it all comes from a positive place — a love of fashion.

“I never want to hurt anyone, I never want to put anyone in a bad light, there’s no malice,” he said, after noting many commenters on his page were offended by the classroom post. “I love fashion and I am more interested in seeing how people interpret my work rather than me explaining it all. Like, why can’t a teacher wear Balenciaga?”

In the spirit of collaboration, WWD teamed with Prawatyotin to create a series of posts inspired by the latest couture shows in Paris last week. See them all here.

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