Ciara talks with WWD about Revlon Ambassador

“The beauty space is inevitable for me,” said Ciara on Sunday at Beautycon. “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to do something in the beauty space, and there are lots of cool things that I’ve been cooking up and working on, and I can’t wait until the time is here to share it with the world.”

When asked whether it’s makeup or skin care, the 33-year-old singer shared that the release would be “a combination of everything.”

While she’s dabbled in beauty in the past, like in 2016 when she was named Revlon’s spokeswoman, she has yet to start her own line.

“More than anything, I just want it to be thoughtful,” she added.

Celebrities in the world of entertainment are continuously building their brands by exploring new ventures. In beauty, a billion-dollar industry, Ciara would join the likes of actress Jessica Alba, who cofounded The Honest Company; Drew Barrymore, who started Flower Beauty; and model Miranda Kerr of Kora Organics. Of course, there’s also Goop guru Gwyneth Paltrow.

Perhaps Ciara will follow in the footsteps of fellow singer Rihanna, who launched Fenty Beauty in 2017. The star, who partnered with luxury group LVMH this year for her fashion label Fenty Maison, owned the conversation regarding inclusivity in beauty and set a new standard in the industry by offering 40 shades of her foundation, now expanded to 50. Recently, Pat McGrath Labs released 36 hues of the “sublime perfection foundation,” $68, in five varieties — Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep and Deep.

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“It’s been a long time coming,” said Ciara of the noticeable change in the industry. “Inclusivity is always better. When people make those changes to their approach to the beauty landscape and business, it benefits the world. It’s the right way.”

The mom of two, married to Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson, has also spoken out about the importance of creative ownership. This year, she launched her own record label, Beauty Marks Entertainment, and most recently, she was named creative director for Nike and Jordan’s upcoming fall kids collection.

She’s also busy filming Nickelodeon’s upcoming show “America’s Most Musical Family,” where contestants will compete for a contract with Republic Records and a prize of $250,000. Ciara is a judge alongside singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson and YouTube’s David Dobrik, while Nick Lachey will host.

“It’s my first executive producing credit,” Ciara said. “I’m really proud of that. There will hopefully be more of that.”

As she prepares for an upcoming tour that begins next month, she said she’s also working on projects for Why Not You Productions, a company she founded with Wilson that produces content in film, television and all things digital.

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“It was inspired by our foundation [of the same name],” said Ciara. She and Wilson recently announced that they’ll be collaborating with couple Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade on a project called “Relentless,” based on former football player Vernon Turner’s 2012 autobiography “The Next Level: A Game I Had To Play.” “We ultimately want to impact people’s lives through storytelling.”

“Honestly, I’m having the time of my life these days,” she shared. “I want to maximize these moments.”

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