ISAAC’S WIGGLE ROOM: Isaac Mizrahi has always been pretty public about how as a boy he first learned to sew in order to make clothes for his homegrown puppet theater. Now the designer is helping out his puppet-making friend Doug Fitch, a director and visual artist, by sitting down for a Q&A with one of his creations, Wigglesworth. Shot in Mizrahi’s studio and produced by Giants Are Small, the off-the-cuff conversation features Mizrahi chatting with the Fitch-designed puppet. It will make its debut Sept. 5 as part of the new Web series “W: Hot Culture,” which will consist of six two-minute vignettes that will be released this fall. The idea for “W: Hot Culture” stemmed from a series of Giants Are Small-produced videos that were made to promote “A Dancer’s Dream” in June.

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