HUFFINGTON POSTER GIRLS: Taking a breather from her art history classes at Yale, Isabella Huffington was the guest of honor Thursday night at Ports 1961’s Meatpacking District store in New York. Mica Brzezinski, Andre Leon Talley and Andre Balazs were among the guests taking a closer look at the 13 pieces of her kaleidoscopic art that offset the boutique’s slate gray walls. As her Cheshire smiling daughter buzzed off to greet friends, Arianna Huffington said, “I am so glad she decided to do this. It would have been easy to do something else.”

By the night’s end, her daughter seemed equally pleased with her career path – eight of the 13 pieces were sold and her Sharpie-infused art remains on view through Nov. 15. The sale represented a year’s worth of work for Isabella Huffington, who admitted the day-to-day labor can be a little intense. “Most of them take a few weeks but that one took three months,” she said, gesturing towards a particularly pixilated creation. Thursday night’s artist-in-residence is not one for social media, but her iPhone-wielding sister Christina is all for it, according to their mother, who was also quick to praise the latter’s writing skills and sobriety. While Christina Huffington, a former Huffington Post intern and assistant editor does not plan to seek a permanent gig there, her mother spoke excitedly about Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar joining the media galaxy. “It’s really exciting to have those innovative minds who know so much about technology,” she said, before rounding up her kin for a private dinner at Macelleria.

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