Inside the Isko "Denim Sound Texture" exhibit.

In conjunction with Milan Design Week, Isko is presenting an “immersive and interactive installation” that allows visitors to experience denim “as a multisensorial experience.” The exhibit, “Denim Sound Textures,” runs through Saturday at the Isko gallery, which is located in the Salone dei Tessuti in via San Gregorio 29 in Milan.

Isko described the installation as a “first-of-its-kind project that involves some of the most innovative fashion brands in the world: Hugo, Madewell, Replay, Dovetail, François Girbaud, Taylor Stitch, Seven For All Mankind, Blue de Gênes, Tiziano Guardini and O’Neill.” The company said each brand, “different from the next, will interpret Isko denim in their collections according to their style.” The installation also showcases various denim technologies, which serve as the basis for the sounds created.

Chiara Luzzana, a sound designer and composer, conducted “acoustic research around these technologies” Isko noted, adding that “her research investigates noises and objects to create new harmonies.” For the exhibit, Luzzana “extracted sounds from different types of fabrics, using methods and techniques that are consistent with the characteristics of each one,” Isko said. “A violin bow, a pick, a stethoscope microphone. Objects that touch and manipulate fabrics to capture their specific sound vibrations.”

The installation involved partnering with denim brands.  Courtesy image.

“Depending on the technology, the sound can be rough, fluid, round, soft, warm or enveloping,” Isko stated.

Fabio Di Liberto, Isko brand director, described denim as “a state of mind” for the company. “It is the attitude to the search for new, infinite creative possibilities that arise from a careful observation of lifestyles, social and cultural changes. The innovation has been conducted with a great sense of responsibility and belonging to the world, which is in the DNA of Isko. The Denim Sound Textures project intends to offer the public the denim you do not expect, celebrating it also through some of the most appreciated fashion brands in the world. Denim outside the box, full of dimensions that we want to explore first, to inspire the creativity of our global partners.”

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