MIYAKE BOOKING IT: Issey Miyake’s bags are favorites with shoppers in the company’s boutiques and the Museum of Modern Art’s Design store. With this month’s release of Taschen’s “Issey Miyake Collector’s Edition,” Miyake’s Reality Lab has created a customized book bag.

The twofer coincides with the major exhibition dedicated to Issey Miyake on view at the National Arts Center in Tokyo through June 13. Midori Kitamura, president of Miyake’s Design Studio, dreamed up the book concept which traces Miyake’s career from his early days to his commitment to creating enduring design.

Drawing from more than 40 years of collaborative work, Kitamura highlights Miyake’s A Piece of Cloth concept, Body Series from the Eighties, Miyake Pleats series and practical everyday designs such as Pleats Please pieces. The result is an encyclopedic tome of his material and technical advancements. In addition to the bag, the book is stamped with Miyake’s traditional Japanese “inkan,” or personal seal, which is meant to be a symbol of his commitment to tradition, futurism and function.

Photographer Yuriko Takagi pictures his clothes in step with their originality, including a dramatic shoot in Iceland. And Kazuko Koike penned a career chronology and a personal profile of Miyake. One thousand copies of the $900, 514-page book have been published. In addition to Tokyo’s National Art Center and Miyake’s freestanding stores, the limited-edition book will be sold in select retailers, Taschen stores and on the book seller’s site. A Pleats Please Issey Miyake/Bao Bao Issey Miyake shop recently opened at Japan’s Fukuoka International Airport.