Istituto Marangoni

CASH BOOST: The Italian fashion and design school Istituto Marangoni has unveiled plans to fund student scholarships worth 1 million euros, or $1.1 million, at its east London outpost.

Students are required to submit an online application through the institution’s Web site, which includes a profile description, as well as a series of images, and a brief written piece that encapsulates their “dream,” a creative concept that can take the form of any subject.

The scholarships will fund courses starting in October and January and can range from full coverage of fees, to a 50 percent deduction or a discount of 5,000 euros, or $5,600.

Students can submit their applications until Saturday.

Currently, the private institution educates more than 4,000 students at its schools in Milan, Paris, London and Shanghai. New schools in Florence and Shenzhen, China, are planned to open later this year.