Ondria Hardin

KEEP IT SHORT: Days, weeks and months are spent preparing for fashion shows that are often wrapped up in a matter of minutes. For a change of pace, Gilles Mendel will present a two-minute short to show his spring collection.

In the flick, Ondria Hardin models the spring styles that were inspired by “nature in shadow.” Stylist Melanie Ward did her part and “Smashing Pumpkins” founder Billy Corgan pitched in, too, with an original soundtrack. Mendel is on the inside track with the musician — Corgan is married to Mendel’s daughter Chloe.

Working with the creative content studio Suspect.tv, J.Mendel requested some special effects for the 15 key spring looks that will be seen in the film. Press appointments will be held Wednesday at the Standard East. Buying appointments will be held Sept. 18 to 23 at the J.Mendel boutique on Madison Avenue. The designer and chief executive officer of J.Mendel has called New York home, since relocating here from Paris in 1981.

J.Mendel’s short is scheduled to go live on Wednesday. Filmmakers used the Arri Alexi camera which captures 200 frames per minute. “We wanted to create an experience that allowed the viewer to really see the craftsmanship and experience the fabrics in a way we never could with a traditional show format.” says Gilles Mendel “We realize that our future customers are learning about the brand through social media and on their phones and we wanted them to really be able to experience the handcrafted luxury that is J.Mendel.”

Aside from sparing the media the hassle of getting to and from another runway show, the designer presumably is saving a little of his own expenses.

On September 9, actress Dakota Fanning helped to introduce some film critics to the designer’s work, by wearing a J.Mendel dress at a Toronto Film Festival appearance, while making the rounds for her latest movie “American Pastoral.”