Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is making her comeback.

After the launch and recall of her namesake cosmetics line earlier this summer became one of the biggest influencer scandals of the year, Hill is gearing up to relaunch her brand on Nov. 26 with a holiday collection of highlighters, pressed powders and brushes.

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Hill revealed the news on the Jaclyn Cosmetics’ Instagram account on Monday, posting a video of the letter “J” with the caption, “The future is bright.”

In an interview with WWD, Hill talked about relaunching her brand, stating: “The first launch sucked, but everybody deserves a second chance. That was the first time I’ve ever done anything where it was me, my team, my brand and it wasn’t a collaboration and it did not go how it was planned to go. If people are upset about what happened the first time around and they don’t want to buy this collection, I totally understand. But I’m gonna keep going and proving myself.”

The global beauty influencer first launched her makeup line in May with a collection of 20 nude lipsticks. Although she has a large and devoted fan base — she has 6.1 million Instagram followers and 5.8 million YouTube subscribers — her line was met with immediate social media backlash from customers claiming that the lipsticks were contaminated.

Twitter became littered with pictures shared by customers showing the Jaclyn Cosmetics products, which appeared to have tiny hairs and round particles attached to the lipstick bullets. Many began claiming that the lipsticks were not safe to use and were unsanitary, with some social media users going as far to claim the products contained mold.

As complaints increased, the brand ultimately issued full refunds to all customers. Hill then deleted her social media accounts momentarily, before reactivating in July when she posted a 19-minute video on her YouTube channel titled, “Where I’ve Been.”

In the video, Hill apologized for the scandal, stating that she was working with the wrong people and a quality control team not big enough to examine all of the brand’s products, which led to the defects. She stated that she was working with a new cosmetics lab to relaunch the brand.

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