Simon Porte JacquemusFederation Cocktail, Fall Winter 2017, Haute Couture Fashion Week, Paris, France - 05 Jul 2017

SIMON SAYS: Location, location. That was the thinking of Simon Porte Jacquemus for the staging of his latest show — even if it meant convincing the French fashion federation to stretch the calendar one day earlier.

The maverick designer is now scheduled to open Paris Fashion Week at 8 p.m. on Sept. 25 with a show at the Picasso museum in the Marais district. “For practical reasons, and the availability of the Picasso museum, Monday night became the obvious choice and I loved the idea of opening Paris Fashion Week. I am [delighted] that the federation has allowed me to do so within the official calendar,” said the designer.

Expect it to be a festive affair. “For the first time, I was in the mood for throwing a party, especially with the concept and energy of the collection, La Bomba,” added Porte Jacquemus, who is known for staging shows in venues that riff on retro references inspired by his upbringing in Provence, such as a gaming arcade or a swimming pool.

In May, he staged a fashion show and tandem exhibitions in a southern French city where he spent much of his youth: Marseille. Pablo Picasso, too, evokes his own southern references and a Mediterranean je ne sais quoi, though he is more linked to the Côte d’Azur cities of Vallauris and Antibes.