James Charles

James Charles is back to his regularly scheduled programming.

The 20-year-old beauty influencer and vlogger made headlines last month when he was embroiled in a very public feud with fellow beauty influencer, 37-year-old Tati Westbrook. The fight quickly escalated, leading Charles to take a hiatus from his YouTube channel and social media accounts and canceling his Sisters speaking tour, which would have started at the end of the month.

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On Tuesday, Charles ended his hiatus, posting a new makeup tutorial to his YouTube channel for Pride Month called “Hi Sisters.” While the video shows how to re-create a graphic rainbow eye shadow look, Charles opens the video by explaining why he took a break from social media. “Let’s be real, when I said I was taking a social media break, I kind of just meant from being so in it,” he said in the 27-minute video. “For the past three years I’ve been literally addicted to filming videos and checking my social media and it was so much fun, but it got to a point where it was incredibly toxic for me and my mental health and after everything that went on on social media I just needed some time to detox and slow it down.”

Charles’ feud with Westbrook first erupted last month when Westbrook took to her YouTube channel to post a 43-minute video claiming she felt betrayed by Charles because he posted Instagram Stories promoting SugarBearHair, which is a direct competitor to her beauty supplement brand, Halo Beauty. She also accused Charles of inappropriate behavior, alleging he has acted as a bully to other influencers and has sexually harassed men.

The video — which has since been deleted by Westbrook — quickly went viral, amassing over 43 million views in under a week. This led to both influencers posting multiple videos — again, many that have been deleted — explaining their sides of the story, and other influencers giving their two cents on the matter, including Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragun and Jeffree Star.

While prior videos from Westbrook and Charles mentioned the two would be meeting to discuss their fight privately, neither has given any updates on the matter. Instead, Charles uses his new video to spotlight LGBTQ+ rights, stating he is donating 100 percent of his YouTube adSense profits to The Trevor Project.

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