STREET WISE: Hordes of teenage girls flooded via Borgospesso outside Bice on Saturday, phones and autograph pads at the ready, hoping to catch sight of a lunchtime diner they knew only too well from the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” films. The teens practically pinned Jamie Campbell Bower, the English actor, musician and Burberry model, to the doorway as they screamed and demanded autographs while he tried to exit. He greeted and scribbled as fast as he could before shooting to his next appointment.

Earlier in the day, the girls had already mobbed via Savona outside the Hogan presentation where Campbell Bower was modeling. The crowds are only set to get bigger: Campbell Bower has just been cast as Joe, the sensitive soccer coach, in the new West End musical of “Bend It Like Beckham,” and is also about to start work on a film based in Barcelona, where he’s doubling as actor and producer.

“The working title is ‘Cabinet of Fear’ — but I want to have that changed — and it’s based on research by the University of Barcelona about the things that make people scared,” Campbell Bower said before braving the crowds outside Bice. He said one of the most frightening things for humans is the symmetrical. “That’s the reason why the twins in Stanley Kubrick’s film [‘The Shining’] are so scary.”

Campbell Bower said the producers have been given 1.5 million euros, or $1.7 million, by the Spanish university to make the movie, which takes place inside a cathedral and involves a computer that starts calling the shots — and ordering its creator around.

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