ZEGNA’S FANS: Ermenegildo Zegna drew a crowd Wednesday night to celebrate its new, three-floor Manhattan flagship on 57th Street, where chief executive officer Gildo Zegna and artistic director Alessandro Sartori greeted the likes of Alec Baldwin, Stan Smith, Eric Rutherford, Igee Okafor, John Demsey, Peter Marino (who designed the store) and Thom Browne, whose brand was acquired by Zegna last year. There also were a fair share of bankers and hedge fund types, longtime Zegna customers there to check out the latest wares. Among the latter was a low-key Jamie Dimon, chairman and ceo of JPMorgan Chase, who was overheard telling guests that he’s worn Zegna suits for more than 30 years.

But Dimon being Dimon, he also talked about everything from Browne’s short suit (“at least he has the legs for it”) to his letter about the need for tweaks to capitalism, JPMorgan Chase’s share price and Marino’s outfit. Upon being introduced to the typically leather-clad Marino, Dimon pointed to the huge pointed rings covering the creative’s fingers and said, “Do you wear those on the subway?” Marino replied, “At least I don’t get mugged.” He went on to rib Dimon that the chairman needed to do something about JPMorgan’s shares, which fell as low as $91 last year. “You own my shares?” Dimon asked Marino, surprised. “I did — until they hit $104 and then I sold them,” Marino said. “But it’s almost $114 now and we just increased our dividends,” Dimon rebutted. “You should have held on.” Marino just shrugged.

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