SACF's "Earth" glasses.

One, All, Every is launching a sustainable sunglass line, See A Clean Future, that is inspired by environmental forerunners Sylvia Earle, Jane Goodall, E.O. Wilson and Wangari Maathai. The shades are made by RVS Eyewear in collaboration with artist Ugo Rondinone, who designed the packaging and an installation at DesignMiami in Basel, Switzerland. To magnify the earth-friendly aspect, each pair of shades has different colored lenses to represent the four elements: blue for water, pink for fire, green for earth and gray for air.

One, All, Every – Short for One Planet, All Beings, Every Choice — is a production company of sorts that collaborates with artists and designers to create a variety of sustainable items. Founder Lisa Schiff has an insider’s view of the art market. Through her day job as an art adviser at SFA Advisory, Schiff worked with the environmentalist actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his foundation, helping to organize many of its benefit auctions. As a board member for several nonprofits, she knows how reliant such groups are on benefit auctions for their overhead. Noting how UNICEF, AmfAR and many other nonprofits do the same, Schiff said, “But it does absolutely zero good for an artist. It dawned on me that all of the artists that I know care about the environment, and would be so happy to engage, instead of just giving a work of art. They get no tax write-off. Usually, their market gets burned because you can’t control sales at a benefit auction,” she said.

Although working with DiCaprio’s foundation became too time-consuming and they have parted ways, the experience inspired her to partner with “basically anybody that makes sense for each project, like other nonprofits that are doing environmental work.” Foundations for Earle, Wilson and Maathai provided a quote that will be included with their respective sunglasses. For sale now through One, All, Every’s site, there are 2,000-plus pairs currently available. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from sales of each of the four styles will support the respective environmental foundations.

Attendees at DesignMiami, which gets underway today concurrently with Art Basel, will find the eco-friendly sunglasses at One, All, Every’s booth. Along with the boxes for the sunglasses, Rondinone designed the booth and its furniture, riffing on the earth walls that he has created in the art world. Even the  glass-topped wood furniture that he made has earth encased inside. The New York-based, Swiss-born mixed media artist also has a project on view inside Art Basel.

One, All, Every wants people to consider sustainability with their purchases. “Every little bit of this pushing things forward might make you think twice,” Schiff said. “Just make a little bit of a change. It doesn’t have to be a huge change. That’s what we’re striving for. We acknowledge where we fail. We‘re going to have a carbon footprint around shipping. We can’t get around that but we’re doing research as to how to offset that.”