Jason Derulo is poised to make his mark on fashion.

The pop artist, who has sold more than 50 million singles since launching his recording career in 2009, is teaming up with designer Antonio Brown on a new men’s luxury streetwear collection called LVL XIII.

Pronounced Level 13, the line will be presented during the July edition of New York Fashion Week: Men’s with a concert and presentation, according to Daniel Garriga, a founding partner of LBCVMG, a creative and public relations agency that is working on the launch of the line.

Derulo is an investor in the high-end apparel and sneaker collection, will work with Brown on the design and will also be the face of the collection, Garriga said.

He explained that Derulo had been a fan of Brown’s footwear, which launched in 2013, and the relationship grew from there. LVL XIII had debuted to great buzz and had a celebrity following and the plan was to expand into apparel and women’s wear. Brown sued Louis Vuitton for trademark infringement in 2013 and the production of the collection was put on hold. This lawsuit is in the final stages of summary judgement.

LVL XIII will be produced in Italy and will offer designs that are functional yet elegant and targeted to a celebrity crowd — and their followers.