Jeffree Star Responds to Backlash Over ‘Cremated’ Makeup Collection

Jeffree Star, one of the world’s biggest beauty influencers, has responded to the backlash he’s faced for his upcoming “Cremated” makeup collection.

The beauty vlogger and brand founder posted a 20-minute video on his YouTube channel Wednesday talking about his namesake beauty brand’s upcoming eye shadow palette, called the Cremated Palette, which has been met with criticism over its insensitive theme amid the coronavirus crisis.

“Nothing ever comes from a bad place, so if you were thinking that, absolutely not,” he said in the video while sporting a gothic-themed makeup look created from the palette. “My brand, I created this to make people smile. I created a brand for all the weirdos and the people that didn’t really feel like they fit in, so in no way was this created to be offensive ever.”

Star states that the palette has been in the works for over a year and that his trademark was approved last September. He also states that he delayed the palette’s launch, which is slated for May 22, by a month and a half already, but decided to go forward because his launch schedule for the year is packed and he doesn’t want to sell his customers expired makeup by delaying the palette any further.

“There were some people saying, ‘Jeffree it’s a little weird timing, there’s a lot going on in the world,’” he said. “But for me, this is art and I never come from a negative place you guys. My own father who passed away and my two dogs that passed away last year are all cremated and it is a tradition in my family.”

The 24-pan eye shadow was met with criticism immediately when revealed on Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ Instagram account on May 16 for its gray, black and earthy shades embossed with images of urns and tombstones. Adding to the controversy, some shade names include “Grave Digger,” “Death Certificate,” “The Morgue,” “Mausoleum” and “Casket Ready,” among others. Star also produced a photoshoot for the palette at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where he’s seen posing outside a mausoleum with a group of models dressed in black.

Star is one of the biggest global beauty influencers, boasting 16.1 million Instagram followers and 18.2 million YouTube subscribers. He launched his namesake beauty brand in 2014, growing it to become one of the most successful influencer-launched beauty brands. According to Forbes, Star’s brand earns roughly $100 million annually.

The beauty influencer was also involved in one of the biggest influencer controversies of 2019, in which James Charles and Tati Westbrook, had a very public, widely covered feud, that started because of hair vitamins and escalated to accusations of sexual misconduct.

“I want to end by saying I’m never discrediting anyone’s feelings,” Star said before going into the makeup tutorial portion of the video. “Everyone is allowed to feel how they want and interpret things how they do, so just know I only come from a good place.”

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