Jeffree Star Makeup Warehouse Robbed

Jeffree Star was robbed of more than $2.5 million worth of beauty products from his namesake line.

On Tuesday, the beauty vlogger and makeup artist uploaded a YouTube video detailing the robbery of his makeup warehouse last month where he had thousands of boxes of products stolen, including his Magic Star Concealer, which hasn’t officially been released yet.

“I haven’t told anyone this yet, just me, my team and my family know,” he said in the video. “Two weeks ago, the morning of March 15, I uploaded the reveal video for the Blue Blood collection. That night at around 1 a.m. one of my stock and shipping facility warehouses was broken into and over $2.5 million worth of products were stolen from me.”

He then goes on to detail the specifics of the robbery, stating he believes it was an inside job due to the burglars targeting a warehouse that had minimal security. He states the burglars came through the warehouse’s roof and went off with thousands of boxes of products, including the Platinum Ice Pro Palette, Northern Lights Supreme Frost Pro Palette and various shades of the Velour Lip Liner, in addition to the concealer.

Star states he’s hired a team of investigators and is working with the FBI on the robbery, which he believes is linked to a group of black market makeup dealers. He references a robbery of $4.5 million worth of Anastasia Beverly Hills beauty products from 2017, but states he doesn’t know if the case is related to his.

With his investigators, Star has found several posts online of people selling his concealer and has retrieved some of the stolen goods, but is doubtful all will be returned.

“For something to be stolen, shown and sold before it’s even out is so crazy to me and I can’t even believe it’s me,” he continued. “I’m sitting here still so numb now, there is so much going on in my life.”

Star still has plans to officially release the concealer, which comes in more than 30 shades and is the first complexion product from the brand. The concealer and its accompanying campaign imagery will be revealed later this month.

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