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VALUE ADD: Designer Jenni Kayne has taken a bigger step into the hospitality space with the launch of special gift boxes for guests booking suites at The Epiphany Hotel in downtown Palo Alto.

The California lifestyle company created limited-edition gift boxes that bundles shaving gel, a travel candle, bottle of wine and $50 Jenni Kayne gift card. The company’s now year-old boutique in the Stanford Shopping Center is less than a mile from the hotel.

“We think it’s a really nice way to bring the Jenni Kayne lifestyle to life in a hotel and draw people into the [nearby] boutique,” said Jenni Kayne brand marketing manager Samantha Moore. “It’s definitely an initial test and we’re looking to explore other opportunities with hotels.”

The company sees the hotel play as a logical marketing program to generate buzz among locals and visitors of the brand and its relatively new store.

Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne gift box for Epiphany Hotel guests staying in suites.  Hanna Lieberman

“It’s really a branding and marketing push for us,” Moore said of the deal with Epiphany. “Our largest customer base is in Southern California so being new to the [Bay Area] region, we were looking for creative ways to reach people and get people excited about Jenni Kayne.”

The 83-room Epiphany Hotel, which will be re-branded to the Nobu Hotel Epiphany in October, counts 13 suites. The hotel sees a pretty even mix of business travelers during the week and leisure guests over the weekend, according to the property’s general manager Seth McDaniels.

“Something like Jenni Kayne fits perfectly in our rooms and we can see so far it’s attracting our guests as well,” McDaniels said.

The two have been in talks about having Kayne design one of the property’s suites, although there are no concrete plans for that yet and, Moore said, the company does see more hotel partnerships in the future — something that makes sense with the company preparing to launch its first home collection in October.

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