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Jennifer Fisher is taking collection presentation matters into her own hands.

The jeweler is forsaking the traditional in-person presentation format for one accessible by phone.

On Friday morning, Fisher will present her new designs on Instagram — leveling the playing field for both consumers and editors. A portion of the product shown will be immediately shoppable through the Instagram interface.

In keeping with the “raw” spirit of her social media presence, Fisher has photographed much of these new designs on herself.

The launch is purposefully timed to coincide with Paris Fashion Week, as well as the weekend following most consumers’ paydays. “People shop more over the weekend,” she said of metrics observed from her web site.

Fisher said that her label often receives press and consumer requests with screen grabs from her site or Instagram attached for reference. In presenting her new line on social media, Fisher hopes to accelerate this ease-of-access-type culture surrounding the label.

“It’s so hard during fashion week for the accessories market to get any kind of attention — it’s something a lot of accessories designers are wrestling with. I’ve done large-scale presentations with sponsors and smaller things, and wanted to do something different,” said Fisher.

The designer said that given the current political and economic climate, “It’s time to be real and honest — I make jewelry. At the end of the day, I have to watch my back as a designer and do what’s best for our business.”

Fisher recently introduced a virtual “necklace builder” application on her web site — enabling shoppers to construct their own charm-laden, personalized pieces of jewelry. The feature has directed new traffic to the web site. Last month marked “our best January on record,” Fisher said of online sales. Transactions to the web site have increased 82 percent year-over-year she says.