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JUST ALBA’S TYPE: Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company and web forum The MOMS hosted a luncheon for the actress’ new healthy living handbook, “The Honest Life by Jessica Alba” (Rodale Books) at The Mondrian hotel’s Sky Bar on Friday. “I have so much respect for what writers do,” said Alba, adding, “It’s hard to choose the right words to get your exact tone and point across. It took a lot of late nights and wine and asking my husband for feedback,” she laughed. The next product extension in the cleaning product and personal care line is nutrition, not fashion, although Alba dispenses style tips in one of the book’s chapters. “Good fashion doesn’t have to break the bank. Find some investment pieces and make friends with your tailor,” she said. Alba’s next big screen project is “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” in which she reprises her role as exotic dancer-turned-vigilante Nancy Callahan. “It was the best experience of my life,” said Alba of the role. “She’s the ultimate alter ego.”