Janie Bryant and Jessica Paré

Call it artistic synergy. On Wednesday, “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant and actress Jessica Paré hosted a party at Bryant’s Los Feliz, Calif., home for the debut collection of Melinda Lee Holm, whose crystal baubles are described as “fine jewelry made with metaphysical intentions.” The evening drew Christina Hendricks, Nora Zehetner, Rachael Leigh Cook and Corey Lynn Calter.

Holm, a tarot card reader and Reiki practitioner, met Bryant through her husband Chris Holm, a DJ for Paul McCartney. Bryant then introduced Holm to Paré. “We met and she told me she was trying to have a baby, so I made her a necklace to promote nice family energy,” Holm said. (Paré gave birth to a son with her partner, musician John Kastner, eight months ago.) That was the genesis of the collection of “prescription necklaces,” which Holm creates for clients based on her tarot readings. Available on her own e-commerce site and at the Silver Lake shop Spellbound Sky, the pieces range in price from $500 to $850 and are made with 14-karat gold or sterling silver chains and quartz crystal, pyrite, ruby and tourmaline.

“Melinda said the best thing to me,” Paré said. “She said, ‘Look at it this way, worst case scenario, it’s a really pretty rock.’ For me, the necklace is more of a touchstone. The strawberry quartz is for family and the ruby brings out the best version of yourself, so it’s a reminder to be nice to my family.”

Hendricks had never worn crystal jewelry before, but sampled a herkimer diamond quartz pendant. “I put it on and it kind of spoke to me so I’m wearing it around for half and hour. I’m feeling pretty good,” she said. “I’ve personally never had an experience with stones changing my mood, but I’ve always liked anything natural and of the earth. I’d rather have a little bit of that than the fake stuff.”

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