Service First

Service First, the jewelry brand rooted in the military and service roles that is led by two West Point graduates, officially launched this week with its Cameo, Charm and Snake collections.

The brand, which was founded by Mike Burns and Al Vallejos, initially offered products for West Point and bespoke jewelry for service members. After meeting cofounding investor Oliver Libby, the duo developed the line for consumers, particularly those connected to service workers like doctors, teachers and volunteers. They also onboarded jewelry designer Kara Ross to further develop the line.

The Cameo collection is comprised of gold, sterling silver and white topaz pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and cuff links holding cameos carved in Germany that bear a snake and serpent design. The affordable Charm collection has designs like helping hands, hands performing sign language, an envelope, snake designs and a warrior horn, while the Snake collection is dedicated exclusively to earrings and rings bearing snake designs that signify service. All three collections peak in price at $300.

“We like to call ourselves a lifestyle brand that tells the story of service through jewelry,” Burns said. “Our goal is for our mark to be on anything. It represents service. We like to think this world needs things to bring people together. Service is the one thing that brings together people that are naturally divided.”