Jill Kragman

HARDCORE: Jill Kargman was thwarted by the British weather. At the dinner she hosted on Tuesday evening, the saucy leather harness that she wanted to wear had to be substituted for a Marc Jacobs dress and her mom’s Chanel leather jacket.

“I wanted to wear one of my harnesses by Una Burke, I love Una and I love her stuff. She’s a British leather accessories designer; she did a lot of the harnesses that I wear on season three [of ‘Odd Mom Out’]. They’re almost like chain mail but made out of tiny pieces of leather strips — they’re sick,” she explained. “But I was just so cold, I had to wear a jacket. You can’t really put something over the harness I wanted to wear because it has these big epaulettes.”

Burke’s provocative leather harnesses are something of a new fixation for Kargman, author of “Momzillas” and creator of hit Bravo comedy “Odd Mom Out,” in which she also stars. “I’m just obsessed with leather harnesses, it’s like this new phase of mine where I’m very into naughty and nice, sugar and spice, leather and lace,” she told WWD. “I think the world is so f—ed up right now that I like having a little armor, it makes me feel badass.

“But I do have my Louboutin dominatrix shoes on; they’re really violent, pointy and my only pair, actually,” she said, pointing out her studded black patent heels. “I just feel almost like an animal: I need my shells. I’m not shy, it’s more of a vulnerability. Just right now, in America, never knowing if you’re going to bump into a f—ing Trump voter. I just need my armor.”

Kargman’s husband, Harry Kargman, founder and chief executive officer of Internet ad media company Kargo, also didn’t get to wear what he wanted. “This suit is all my wife’s doing,” he said, affectionately nodding toward his wife, who he met on a blind date arranged by their grandmothers. “It’s from Black Fleece, Thom Browne’s collection for Brooks Brothers. She insisted that I wear it because last time we were here I was kicked out of 5 Hertford Street for wearing sneakers. I mean, they were from Lanvin but those guys didn’t care. I was not allowed in there. Jill went in for, like, an hour while I went to the pub and had a beer.”

Ostensibly the dinner at Casa Cruz in Holland Park was held for Jill Kargman to meet members of the British press to mark the launch of “Odd Mom Out” on Netflix in the U.K. but, after London, the Kargmans are on their way to Budapest for a wedding. “I call it ‘Budepressed,'” said the actress. “I am dreading it. We have to get on a funicular to even get to the venue; I mean, the invitation said, ‘Wear wedges.’ Come on! And it will only start taking people back down at 4 a.m. It’s worse than being stuck on a boat because, at least then, you could make a dash for the shore. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that we’re meeting my parents in Italy next week for my belated birthday celebration.”

As expected from one of sassiest women on television, dinner conversation was colorful, stretching from scandalous Upper East Side sex scandals to extreme facials involving epidermal byproducts of circumcisions. “There was this circle of ‘Latvian wine sommeliers’ who would host ‘wine tastings,’ but it was actually a group of Latvian women b—ing these guys — my friends were like, ‘my husband’s suddenly really into wine…'” she divulged. Never a dull moment.

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