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FLOWER POWER: Jo Malone London has set up a quiet retreat in central London for the brand’s first immersive installation, which will run from Friday until Sunday. Situated at Victoria House, next to Holborn Station, the underground venue is bringing the brand’s latest limited-edition fragrance, Frangipani Flower, and the Blossom collection to life.

“The collection really called for an experience like this because it is so vast, and I really wanted to be able to transport people to another world. We’re a creative fragrance brand, so we’re not only exploring with ingredients, but with our launches,” said Wandjina, creative director of Jo Malone London.

Upon entry, visitors are guided through a visual installation. Water droplets are designed to fall randomly from the ceiling into a basin beneath, and the ripples trigger the formation of different color patterns.

On the other side of the installation and in the main room, blossoms are arranged on a long acrylic table in a gradient from yellow to red, mirroring the colors of the new Blossom collection.

Jo Malone London Blossoms Installation

A view of the Jo Malone London Blossoms Installation.  Courtesy

“This is going to be a place to come and relax, I want people to have the time and space to really take this world in. It’s important for me to have a space that can just breathe,” said Wandjina of the open space.

Alongside one of the walls are four rooms, each of them with a colorful front that corresponds to the fragrance it houses. There is green for Star Magnolia, pink for Silk Blossom, orange for Orange Blossom and yellow for Frangipani Flower. Corresponding scents have been filtered into each room, and the fragrances are on display with their limited-edition, matte-finish bottle tops.

The 30 ml cologne retails at 49 pounds, while the 100 ml version costs 98 pounds.

“We’ve been doing blossom [scents] for eight years now, and it’s a way for us to test what scents work and what don’t, and it’s nice to do it on a limited basis as well. Our customers have something to look forward to,” she added.

Next to the main room is a bubble bar, where blossom-inspired mocktails are served. The brand will also be hosting classes, which will take place in the last room, where customers can also make purchases.

The masterclass costs 25 pounds and will be hosted by perfumer Marie Salamagne, who designed Jo Malone London’s new Frangipani Flower cologne.

“We wanted to make this as inclusive as possible and give [customers] a chance to really immerse themselves in the brand,” the executive added.

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