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Men'sWeek issue 05/19/2011

JOIN LYNCH’S CLUB: Ever wonder what it’s like to walk into one of David Lynch’s strange and surreal cinematic worlds? Come September, you can find out. That’s when the owners of Social Club in Paris will open a new club directly below their space on 142 rue Montmartre, dubbed Silencio. The basement venue will be entirely conceived and designed by the director — right down to the furniture — and will feature a bar, restaurant, movie theater, concert hall and art library. In other words, it’s a culture club, targeting literary, music, film, culinary and art buffs. Lynch is keeping a tight lid on the design details — the guy knows his suspense, after all — but maybe there’s a clue in the moniker: Silencio is the name of the club in “Mulholland Dr.” No word, though, if Rebekah Del Rio will also lip-sync her way through the song “Llorando” at the club’s fall opening.

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DESIGNERS WELL MET: This September, the Metropolitan Museum of Art store will unveil a trio of jewelry collaborations. Robert Lee Morris created a 24-karat gold overlay lineup inspired by his own designs, including some in The Costume Institute archives, while Isaac Manevitz of Ben-Amun did two collections — both inspired by the modernist work of jeweler Art Smith at the Brooklyn Museum — fashioned from semiprecious stones and brass with a palladium overlay. “We wanted to bring some newness and something contemporary to the store,” said Michael Nash, the Met’s product development manager. The collections, which will be exclusive to the museum, range from $75 to $395, at retail.

ON THE DRAWING BOARD: In conjunction with the launch of two sunglasses, part of the spring Minimal-Baroque collection, Prada unveiled its “From Drawings to Pictures” project Tuesday night at Prada stores worldwide. The Italian fashion house teamed up with Vogue Talents — Vogue Italia’s annual supplement dedicated to the most interesting up-and-coming designers — to select eight photographers who were asked to shoot creative still lifes of the season’s iconic rococo styles. “Prada gave us a clean sheet. The only guideline was to create a pop-funny mood,” said fashion photographer Rosi di Stefano, who shot the sunglasses on colorful, tropical-inspired backgrounds.

Gotham-city-meets-the-jungle featured in the work of Polish documentary photographer Kuba Dobrowki, whose images combined the shades in a sort of pop-up book. “It took about three weeks to realize the background,” he revealed. “I cut the images from comics, then enlarged them and my four-year-old nephew helped me to color them. He’d just learned to color images in the proper tones, but I forced him to take a step back and use his fantasy. That’s why the elephant is green and the skyscrapers are hot pink.”

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