NITTY GRITTY: A partnership between young British designer Jonathan Anderson and photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark may at first glance seem incongruous. Yet that is exactly what the pair has undertaken, working together on a collaborative book published by Document Journal featuring the cast of Clark’s latest film, “The Smell of Us,” and carrying the same title.

“I wanted to do something with him that was a bit spontaneous. It’s not about styling,” said Anderson. “I didn’t style it. The kids styled themselves,” he explained of the book, in which the Parisian youngsters from Clark’s film wear clothes from Anderson’s collection.

“I love it, because it feels like a fanzine,” he said of the result. “Ultimately I think that J. W. Anderson is about young people expressing themselves in a different way. We’re not luxury; we can be gritty too.”

The pair hosted a party Wednesday evening at Colette to celebrate the launch of the book, which will be sold exclusively at the Paris store and distributed in Document Journal’s spring-summer 2015 issue. ReVolt, the California band behind the film’s soundtrack, performed live at the event.

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