Jonathan Anderson at the House of Ruinart in Champagne, France

Jonathan Anderson is flexing his creative muscle beyond fashion and teaming with Ruinart to design Hotel 1729, a new hospitality concept by the Champagne house that is set to debut this summer in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood.

The idea was to create a temporary “dream world” — the hotel has one-bedroom only and will be open for a total of 10 nights from July 4 to 14 — that will tell the story of Ruinart through Anderson’s eyes.

The designer is in the process of cooking up a concept for the hotel that will reference the brand’s history and his experience of discovering the house’s vineyards and cellars during his trip there.

“I’d never been to the Champagne region before and visiting Ruinart was an eye-opener. It’s amazing because when you drink Champagne you don’t actually think of where and how it is produced — the people behind it, the craftsmanship,” Anderson said. “What I found so inspiring was going subterranean, underground and seeing the raw foundations at Ruinart that make it unique. Also, the historical context. It’s the world’s oldest Champagne house. There is a piece of artwork, the ‘Oyster Lunch,’ dating back to 1735. It is the first depiction of people enjoying Champagne and food. The notion of etiquette has evolved.”

Ruinart president Frédéric Dufour added that the company found a lot of common ground with Anderson in their mutual appreciation for craftsmanship, so the project offered an opportunity to highlight Ruinart’s history and also its continued “involvement in relevant and contemporary culture.”

“The message we want to deliver is that we are an almost 300-year-old house with a forever contemporary spirit and a dedication to showcasing this history in a creative way,” said Dufour, adding that it was important for the company to keep the project short and sweet.

“In the same way that we focus on quality first and not quantity, we wanted to deliver a bespoke and one-off experience for our guests. The idea is to invite the guest to live a dream and it’s by essence temporary,” he added. “Hospitality and art de vivre is a continuous focus. It’s about presenting new ways to enjoy.”

Up to two guests can book the Hotel 1729 room for one night via Clos19 — the LVMH-owned web site selling wines, spirits and Champagnes online — and invite friends to enjoy the dining experience that comes with the stay.

The price for the stay is 1,200 pounds for two people and there is an additional cost of 160 pounds per person for hotel residents’ guests joining for dinner.

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