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NOVIS’ L.A. CONFIDENTIAL: Like many designers fleeing the East Coast chill, New York City native Jordana Warmflash took her fall 2015 Novis collection out West for a cocktail party Tuesday at Irene Neuwirth’s Melrose Place boutique. “It’s everything that I want to wear right now,” said actress Busy Philipps, whose  turquoise nails even matched the clothes on display.  “I was inspired by Matisse’s prints,” said Warmflash of the colorful collection, her seventh, which also matched Neuwirth’s jewelry. “And women here aren’t afraid of color.” Indeed, Rose McIver, the “iZombie” and “Masters of Sex” actress, who met Neuwirth at a South by Southwest dinner, stepped out in a sleeveless purple dress and comedienne Jenny Slate chose a pink gown.”We’re lucky we can dress like this year-round,” said McIver. “Now I only wish that I could live in this store.”