Though the rain beat down on the Chelsea streets, guests slowly trickled into the ASPCA Annual Young Friends Benefit Thursday night, where dogs walked a fire hydrant-lined black carpet.

Honorary chairman Josh Lucas, Georgina Bloomberg, Food Network chef Anne Burrell and NBC correspondent Cat Greenleaf were among the event’s two-legged guests.

Lucas, who wore a “Pugs for Obama” T-shirt, posed on the carpet with Irene, a shih tzu-terrier mix. But despite his affection toward the pint-size pup, the actor admitted he prefers larger dogs, like his Irish setter-Chow-Akita-German Sheppard-mix Loki, whom he adopted from a shelter three years ago.

“Little dogs have a lot more aggression,” he said. “[They] a lot of times have a little bit of a Napoleon complex.”

The actor frequently takes his 3-year-old pooch to the dog run at Tompkins Square Park, and said he brings him along whenever he flies so Loki can run around in the country.

“I named him Loki because he was so low key, but also because I wanted him to spark up a little bit,” he said. “I got a little more than I bargained for.”

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