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Juicy Couture has teamed up with Parade to put its name where it has perhaps been most missed: across the butt.

The direct-to-consumer underwear company, in partnership with Juicy, will offer a trip down early-Aughts memory lane, with a collection that launched Monday.

The Juicy and Parade collaboration, priced from $16 for a single pair to $88 for a multipack, includes underwear as well as a makeup bag and scarf. Many of the panty styles come with Juicy scrawled across the behind in its trademark gothic-type font, some in rhinestones, and others in metallic or multicolored finishes.

The collaboration is part of Juicy Couture’s 25th anniversary celebrations. The collection’s launch campaign includes Julia Fox, Kim Petras, Lourdes Leon and reality TV anti-hero, Heidi Montag.

“Parade and Juicy Couture are two brands committed to bold self-expression, full-spectrum color, everyday luxury, and viral, iconic editorial moments,” said Parade founder and chief executive officer, Cami Téllez.