Julia Roberts has joined forces once again with Giorgio Armani and (Product) Red in the fight against AIDS. Following the  launch in December of the Emporio Armani (Product) Red bracelet, which bore Roberts’ tree of life design, today the Emporio Armani online-store introduced matching men’s and women’s T-shirts featuring Roberts’ design in three colors: red, black and grey.

“Julia has helped to create beautiful and unique designs for both women and men which will be a visible reminder of the part that we can all play in fighting AIDS in Africa,” Armani said.

(Product) Red was created in 2006 by U2’s Bono and Bobby Shriver, with Armani in the role of launch partner, and has collaborated with several brands, including GAP and Converse, to create “Red” products.

This latest (Product) Red offering from Emporio Armani, set to hit stores next month, retails for $125 for both men’s and women’s models, with 40 percent of the gross profit margin going to The Global Fund, which finances AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria programs in Africa. In a further gesture of solidarity, the actress requested specifically the Ts be made exclusively in Africa.

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