COMING OF AGE: Julianne Moore shared her outlook on aging at a party Thursday night in Paris’ Hôtel d’Evreux that feted her recent appointment as a L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman.

“I think it’s a privilege to age, and we have to remember that not all of us are lucky enough to experience that,” said the actress, who is 51.

“When we’re children, we all want to grow up, and our parents tell us, take your time, take your time, and you’ll grow up soon enough. And often as adult women, you hear people say that they wish they were younger — to which I say, enjoy where you are. Because by wishing that you are younger, you really only end up missing the year in which you’re living, the year in which you are 45 or 50 or 53. So enjoy that year and every year that you have as long as you’re able.”

Moore is to appear in an advertisement for L’Oréal Paris’ new skin care line, called Cellular Renaissance, which is slated for a January 2013 launch in Europe.