ROCK SOLID: Delving further into her New York- and Paris-based romantic-comedies niche, Julie Delpy premiered her latest film “2 Days in New York,” which she co-wrote, directed and stars in, at the Sundance Film Festival this week. The movie, a sequel to “2 Days in Paris,” focuses on her character’s current relationship (Adam Goldberg was her boyfriend in the first movie) with Chris Rock. “I wrote it with Chris in mind,” she said.

“I channeled my inner Chris Rock as I was saying the lines,” Rock said. “I loved the script, and I thought, ‘Is Ethan Hawke dead? What’s going on?’ After I talked to him, I realized he wasn’t dead, and I agreed to do the movie.” Surprisingly, Rock plays the straight man, and Delpy plays a neurotic artist who decides to sell her soul as part of a conceptual work, which yields one of the movie’s funniest scenes. “I was looking on eBay at things to buy one day. And I thought, ‘What if I sold my soul on eBay? Does it even exist? And what kind of person would buy this?” Her thoughts turned to her friend Vincent Gallo, who agreed to play himself in the movie. “I knew he would buy something like that. So I sent him the script and he said yes,” she said.

This story first appeared in the January 27, 2012 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

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