JW Anderson's JWA-TV Campaign

ON AIR: JW Anderson’s latest campaign, JWA-TV, takes inspiration from tele-shopping and infomercials.  The campaign is a three-video series with a focus on the brand’s signature handbag families, the Keyts, the Anchor Logo and the Bike. The campaign launches today online and across JW Anderson’s social media channels.

The parody features two hosts talking about the merits of the JW Anderson bags, which are shown on a model. Classic infomercial elements include sidebar descriptions such as shipping information and exclusive deals.

The hosts are played by Justin Vivian Bond, a Tony-nominated cabaret performer and performance artist, and Jill Pangolla, a multidisciplinary performer. The model is played by Amber, who is an on-air QVC veteran.

Jonathan Anderson and Justin Vivian Bond

Jonathan Anderson and Justin Vivian Bond  Courtesy

The hosts riff off each other in a playful dialogue: “Let’s suppose you wanted to take your Keyts bag to New York City and you need to keep it close to the body as you’re going down the subway,” says Pangolla’s character.

“High and tight, like me,” replies Bond’s character.

On choosing these actors, Anderson said: “I have always been an enormous fan of Viv. I remember working on some of my first collections and listening to her albums on repeat. I ran into her in San Francisco not too long ago and I thought, ‘We have to do something with her.’”