Karl Lagerfeld photographs Choupette.

HIDDEN CLAWS: Did Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s famous pet cat, turn seven years old unnoticed? As if! The blue-eyed beauty is said to have received thousands of wishes on social media platforms including Instagram, where she counts 112,000 followers and where she shares a bit of advice alongside a photo of herself enjoying a luxurious birthday stretch. “I started my social media career before ‘influencers’ were a thing. Please refrain from using this term with moi,” the caption reads.

Of course there was a party, complete with presents (fabric toys), a single candle stuck on a plate of shrimp, and a sparkly sign on the wall crafted by her nannies. Among those in attendance were Lagerfeld’s two godsons, and his bodyguard and personal assistant Sébastien Jondeau, who posted a group shot on Instagram.

The Birman has something of a catty personality on Instagram, noting in her birthday post: “My annual salary and net worth are none of your business unless it’s @forbes calling to put me on their next cover. Move over @kyliejenner!”

She also takes a little bite at the hand that feeds her: “I may be ‘7’ but I don’t look a day over 5. Since age is just a number, I think Daddy @karllagerfeld should finally start being honest about his.”