MOVING COMPANY: When Karl Lagerfeld decides on the accessories he puts on the Chanel runway, he considers the age and maturity of each model. That’s because the seasoned ones really know how to move. “Young girls have a problem managing handbags. Runway horses, they know how to do that,” he said, referring to catwalk thoroughbreds who are graceful on heels and know how to work any outfit.

Which is why he cast runway pro Mariacarla Boscono for Chanel’s forthcoming fall 2016 campaign. “Because it’s all about movement, and she moves so well,” said the designer, who also cast model Sarah Brannon.

Boscono also features in ads for Chanel’s so-called Act One ready-to-wear, a pre-fall range that has been the French house’s answer to see-now-buy-now for eons.

“They only come out the day the clothes are in the shop,” Lagerfeld explained. “You see? No new idea. We’ve done that for years and only the shops and the buyers see and order it before.”