HELLO KITTY: By this point, everyone should be aware that Karl Lagerfeld’s cat knows how to use an iPad, but does Choupette also tweet from it? That was the big mystery on Wednesday when the handle @choupettesdiary appeared after WWD’s interview with the designer, racketing up followers— nearly 900 by the late afternoon. Lagerfeld himself appears to have nothing to do with the mystery Twitter persona, even if the feline Tweet phenom insists she is the real thing. “I am as real as the light particles I chase,” she told WWD via direct message. And she’s not short on cattiness. “My maids are more of a nuisance than most humans,” Choupette sniped. “They’re constantly journaling my every move. Can’t a cat get privacy these days?” She herself would like to be cast if her diary gets turned into a movie (“If talentless dogs like Rin Tin Tin & Benji can do it, why shouldn’t I as a cat upstage them?”) and even has a pet peeve when it comes to “Daddy” Lagerfeld. “He’s always trying to pet me with his gloves on. Everybody is always trying to paw (pun intended) at me and I take great pride in my coat.” She clearly got the fashion gene.

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