By this point it would seem that every starlet with a SAG card has made at least one foray into fashion week. But the Calvin Klein show on Thursday was Kate Beckinsale’s “first ever fashion show ever.”

The actress, wearing a black leather dress, relaxed backstage like a seasoned pro before the show. “My child [daughter, Lily, who lives in Los Angeles] is now 10 and was fine with me going, which is a first,” she said. “I really couldn’t justify going before.”

Beckinsale was clueless on what to expect from the experience‹”No one told me anything,” she said, with a laugh. Fortunately her seatmate Eva Mendes has been to this circus once or twice before. “It’s a little like going to a museum and seeing a beautiful exhibit, except it’s emotion,” she said. Neither actress has plans to attend the Academy Awards on Sunday.

Mendes will be in Italy promoting her film “Live” and Beckinsale may only hit some of the parties, though she doesn’t know yet what she’ll wear. “It’s usually not more than a few days [before I know],” she said. “It’s one of those crazy things where the dress is sitting in Cameron Diaz’s bedroom for a while before it comes out [to me].”

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