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SHE’S WITH HILLARY: Kelly Cutrone is the latest fashion executive to publicly support the Clinton campaign. The New York publicist said she planned to tape a video in favor of the Democratic frontrunner Monday afternoon with her teenage daughter Ava.

The pair planned to shoot on the West Side Highway bike path in what was described by Cutrone as “a very natural walk and talk that shouldn’t really be prepared.” The conversation was meant to be “issues that have always mattered to them and how now, more than ever, we need to fight for them.”

“I’m not normally a political person. I try to stay out of politics, but I just can’t take it any more waking up everyday and hearing this derogatory female-bashing.” Cutrone said. “My friends and I have been on the phone nonstop, saying ‘Where is the National Organization of Women in all this?’”

Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution, said they may discuss a visit to the Women’s Rights National Historical Park two years ago. “I started crying because all of those educated, amazing women stood up for themselves. They were called heretics and witches and b—-es, ugly spinsters and all of these names that I have been called. Their husbands left them,” she said. “Black male slaves had a right to vote before women in America. When you see what those women went through, it’s heartbreaking. Now talk to 14-year-old girls about the 19th Amendment. What kind of conversation is that?”

Actor John Leguizamo, who wrote an anti-Trump, pro-Latina op-ed piece in Friday’s New York Times, recently filmed a walk and talk with his mother about her coming to the U.S. from Colombia, according to Aram Rappaport, who is involved with the project. The videos are being independently-financed.

The younger Cutrone helped to start a feminist club in eighth grade at the Village Community School, Kelly Cutrone said. And Sunday the founders reconvened for a meeting despite their attending different high schools. “I’m telling you these girls are really upset,” Cutrone said.

When a table of six men shushed, winked and shouted “Ladies!” at the Cutrones, musician Mary Lambert, Judith Regan and Tony Bennett’s daughter Joanna for laughing too loud while having dinner Sunday night at Mario Batali’s Otto, the mother-daughter team told the manager they wouldn’t stand for it. “The manager handled it really well,” Cutrone said. “We’re at a huge intersection right now and we need to make this shift. We cannot let this thing slip. It is alarming.”

Cutrone said she once had a business meeting with Donald Trump in the Nineties, a scenario she wrote about in her first book, “If You Have to Cry Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You.” At that time, he stated a series of names Ivanka (Trump), Marla Maples (his girlfriend at that time) and his own, and asked Cutrone to respond with “hot,” “very hot” or “hot, hot” and himself. Dissatisfied with her critical responses, he said, “Well, I guess our conversation is finished here.” Trump disputed her claims in the New York Post, after the book was published in 2010, she said.

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