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WATERWORKS: Next month Kelly Klein will be making the rounds again for her new photography book “Pools Reflections.” During Art Basel Miami, she’ll be signing copies at a pool party at the Webster Hotel. Later in the month she will hit The Strand in New York, Tomas Maier in Palm Beach and James Perse in Aspen.

Much as her teenaged self loved plunging into backyard pools growing up in Connecticut, Klein said her five-year-old son Lukas Rector’s water-loving ways got her floating again and editing 1,000-plus photos.  Having built a few pools along the way, including one in Palm Beach earlier this year, Klein is mulling over another for her East Hampton home.”To me swimming pools have become sculpture. They are just as important as your house.”

Meanwhile, Tony Melillo has sued an image from the book for a $85 T-shirt with his ATM label. All proceeds from the shirts, as well as all of Klein’s profits from the book, will benefit ACRIA (AIDS Community Research Initiative of America.)