The Kering Foundation's #IDontSpeakHater campaign

SAFE SPACE: The Kering Foundation is taking a stand against cyberbullying, which affects 73 percent of women worldwide, according to a 2015 UN report named “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls.”

The digital campaign, dubbed #IDontSpeakHater, aims to educate social media users from Generation Z on the psychological harms of online harassment.

It will run from Nov. 16 to 30 on Kering’s official social media channels as well as on the #IDontSpeakHater web site in China, France, Italy, Japan, the U.K., the U.S. and Mexico. The Kering Foundation has also called on a squad of influencers to help relay the message.

Name-calling, harassment, identity theft, hacking, non-consensual pornography a.k.a. revenge porn, stalking, “slut-shaming” and threats are all considered to be acts of cyberbullying, which is seen as an example of gender-based violence.

The U.N. report reveals that women are disproportionately targets of certain forms of cyber violence, such as cyberstalking.

This has a direct impact on their mental health: an Amnesty International poll states that 55 percent of women said they had experienced stress, anxiety or panic attacks after experiencing online abuse or harassment.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe online,” François-Henri Pinault, ceo of Kering and chairman of the Kering Foundation, said in a statement. “We must take a stand against the pervasive abuse that seeks to intimidate and silence female voices.”

#IDontSpeakHater not only targets the perpetrators of cyberbullying, but also appeals to digital-savvy Gen Z to no longer turn a blind eye to online hating, going against the popular Internet rule of “don’t feed the troll.”

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Kering Foundation, the social media initiative is part of the 2018 White Ribbon for Women campaign. The 2018 edition will be the first time all the Kering brands take part in the initiative, in which each brand will donate 10 percent of the retail price of a given product or product line to programs supported by the Kering Foundation.