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Kim Kardashian is diving further into the beauty world, launching three eau de parfums at her online beauty destination,, on Nov. 15. The three variations on gardenia, her favorite flower and scent, are first come, first serve fragrances. Once they’re gone, that’s it.

In an exclusive interview with WWD, Kardashian outlined the process of creating and launching her three fragrances, Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud, including the inspiration behind them.

“Honestly, after my Paris situation [when she was held at gunpoint and robbed], a lot of my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals, and I obviously knew what they were — it’s very L.A. and it’s very popular right now — but for me it meant something so different. I was sitting there and I’d get these collections of them and I started to really dig deeper into what they meant and the meanings behind them and started to go to these crystal warehouses in Culver City and downtown [L.A.],” said Kardashian.

Developing each scent was about “being calm and healing,” which are the two words Kardashian used to describe a newly zen approach she’s taken over the past year. The color variations of each bottle — Crystal Gardenia’s represents a quartz and the citrus and oud bottles are rose quartz and citrine hued, respectively — are intended to evoke the healing properties of each crystal.

To read the full exclusive interview — in which Kardashian talks about developing her fragrances from inception to final packaging — click here.

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