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In its most recent analysis report, researchers at Edited looked at the impact of influencers on Instagram and identified fashion trends that “trickle down and bubble up” on the social platform. The report also revealed the long-term impact of a single post from a top influencer.

In the report, titled, “The Instagram Effect: How Influencers Drive Successful Fashion Trends,” researchers at the firm noted that Instagram influencer marketing is a $1.7 billion industry, “with the tech giant ranking as the most important social media channel.”

Authors of the report said the social media platform is “showing no signs of slowing down, with over 1 billion users as of March and over 500 million daily users on Instagram Stories. And the app is forever expanding. It recently introduced a ‘checkout feature,’ allowing users to buy items directly from the app, shaping the way we shop.”

Regarding the lasting impact of Instagram posts, Edited researchers cited Kim Kardashian‘s Yeezy neon pink dress, which was worn to Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday in August of last year. The post “created a ripple effect seen across the runway to fast-fashion brands like Fashion Nova. Since then, new neon products have grown 743 percent compared to the year before.”

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On Instagram, Edited noted that #neon is currently associated with more than 10 million posts. Cow prints also experienced the same impact. “Kylie’s IG post in a cow print swimsuit saw the print increase by 260 percent over the past three months compared to the three months prior,” Edited said in the report, noting that other trends dominating Instagram include boilersuits (plus-30 percent), hair clips (up 135 percent), neutrals (plus-22 percent) and tie-dye (up over 800 percent).