BLING BACKSTORY: In Sofia Coppola’s movie, “The Bling Ring,” which premieres nationwide today, Southern California retailer Kitson revived a role it played in the real-life events that inspired the film. Scenes shot in the store April of last year show the actors in “The Bling Ring” using stolen cash and credits at the store, something that actual Bling Ringer Nick Prugo told Nancy Jo Sales for her 2010 Vanity Fair article that the notorious band of thieves would do after raiding unlocked Bentleys, Mercedeses and other fancy cars. In the movie, Israel Broussard is cast as Marc, who is modeled upon Prugo, and he sports a blue T-shirt from Kitson emblazoned with the words, “Actors Suck.” Kitson founder Fraser Ross conjectured the Bling Ring “probably saw Kitson bags in Paris Hilton’s house and that’s how maybe they caught on to Kitson.” Regardless of the origin of the Bling Ring’s Kitson patronage, Ross applauded Coppola’s effort exploring its story for the big screen. “She did a great job of capturing exactly what happened in that time period,” he said. 

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