RAPPING BACK TO SCHOOL: In a cutthroat back-to-school season, generating some buzz certainly can’t hurt. Kmart has done just that by making Da Rich Kidzz, a pre-pubescent rap group from Minneapolis, the center of its bts ad campaign. An around three-minute video with Da Rich Kidzz that Kmart posted to YouTube called “My Limo,” which revolves around a song with the chorus “my school bus is my limo” that the group helped write, has racked up more than 875,000 views in less than two weeks. Da Rich Kidzz is also in two Kmart television commercials, one that features “My Limo” and another titled “Hallway” spotlighting girls from Da Rich Kidzz rapping about shoes while dancing down a school hallway. Andrew Stein, interim chief marketing officer at Kmart, explained that Kmart became familiar with Da Rich Kidzz from the group’s 2012 hit “Hot Cheetos & Takis,” which drew 7 million views on YouTube. “We believed they would capture the excitement of back to school at Kmart and help illustrate our unique offerings,” he said, adding, “Members of Da Rich Kidzz are kids themselves who are going back to school this fall.” Da Rich Kidzz are promoting Kmart in person with an appearance at a Kmart store in Minneapolis on Saturday. Select Da Rich Kidzz merchandise will be available as well on Kmart’s Web site shopyourway.com.

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