J.J. Martin posing in front of Cucchi's windows customized by La DoubleJ

PANETTONE WITH J.J.: La Double J, the lifestyle brand founded by former international editor J.J. Martin, is bringing its distinctive colorful, joyful aesthetic to Milan’s famous pastry shop Cucchi.

For the holiday season, the location, usually infused with old-school charm, has been updated with a creative, bold twist with La Double J’s tablecloths and vases. The brand’s original print, including flowers, berries and rabbits, was also splashed on chocolate boxes and panettone wrappings.

La DoubleJ also decorated the pastry shop’s Christmas tree with printed ribbon bows, flowers, as well maxi, bold ornaments which the brand commissioned to a Mexican artisan. And for the selfie-addicted, a customized photo wall makes the flamboyant installation even more Instagrammable.

Cucchi's tables customized by La DoubleJ

Cucchi’s tables customized by La Double J.  http://www.federicovagliati.it

“For my first 14 years in Milan while I was freelance journalist, I spent every day in this café writing my stories next to the well-dressed children and old men,” Martin said. “At first the owner thought I was nuts, because I was in public with a computer, five years, that man Cesare Cucchi began smiling at me and a few years after that he even insisted on toasting to his birthday together at the bar. At that point I was Cara JJ. By now, Cucchi has become my home far away from my home, they are like family and they treat Pepper [Martin’s dog] like a queen.”

The collaboration between La Double J and Cucchi will be celebrated with an event on Nov. 28 at the pastry shop.

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