La Perla RTW Spring 2017

Italian luxury underwear label La Perla will open an in-house academy and introduce a series of benefits aimed at developing the business and enhancing the value of its employees. These initiatives have been included in the renovated company agreement inked with the trade unions on Dec. 22 at the firm’s headquarters in Bologna, Italy.

Called “Academy La Perla,” the permanent professional training program will be launched starting in 2017 to increase the business’ know-how, as well as integrate a new generation of workers in the firm. The training program will provide them with the technical knowledge requested for several jobs, such as designing, prototyping and tailoring. Agreements with local schools will further accelerate the recruitment process while the know-how will be transmitted to the young generation by senior employees, who will also be offered reductions of work time once closer to retirement age.

As part of the new work contract, a health-care policy, which will cost La Perla a maximum sum of 250 euros, or $261 at current exchange, for each worker, will be introduced March 1.

Also starting next year, a monetary bonus is expected to be established as a prize for each employee. If La Perla’s net sales reach the break-even point, each worker will receive 1,000 euros, or $1,045, as reward. The sum can reach a maximum of 1,500 euros, or $1,568, in case the company registers a 10 percent increase on the target turnover.

According to the agreement, a complete welfare program is also in the company’s pipeline and it might be activated in 2019, if the firm’s turnover reaches the defined break-even point in 2018. The services offered to employees will involve different areas, including education, health care and wellness, supplementary salary support, facilitations for families, among others. The company will predetermine from 300 euros to 500 euros, or $314 to $523, to welfare services for each worker, depending on La Perla’s annual sales volumes.

The company agreement, which was last renovated 15 years ago, will be valid through the end of 2019.